Agency or A Freelancer for your Shopify Business Marketing?

Should you get an agency or freelancer for your Shopify Business marketing management?

People often ask me if they should hire an agency or freelancer for Shopify Business Marketing. It is a tough task to decide but there are some factors that you should decide before hiring an agency or a Freelancer for your Shopify Business marketing.

I am a freelancer having hundreds of clients, but now have an agency called Dessus Media that specializes in paid ads for e-commerce businesses so I feel that I can have an unbiased opinion on both of the options and how they operate.

Hiring A Freelancer

  1. Cost-effective: Freelancers are cost-effective, they are a one-man army for your Shopify Business that you can have for your business, they charge less and they have the expertise if you choose a freelancer correctly.

  2. Personalized Attention: The freelancer will give you personalized attention to your store and you and they will be readily available at your service.

  3. Niche Expertise: Not the business niche but the advertisement niche, freelancers can be niche experts so if you need someone who has expertise in TikTok ads then you can just hire someone with that particular experience and you will have more control over what you are getting. Whereas with an agency it will be a more broad approach.

  4. Freelancers are flexible: Freelancers are flexible when it comes to working with you and with the timelines, they can twist the working hours and can get things done for you.

  5. Direct Communication: Unlike an agency, you can get direct updates and communication from the freelancer itself which can boost your decision-making capabilities. Scaling this Sunday? Ask the freelancer how the ads are doing and then scale!

    Freelancers are best suited for small businesses (and Shopify-based businesses) that have limited capital and want to start their marketing with personalized and more control over communication.

Hiring An Agency

  1. Higher Cost: Agencies are often expensive when compared to freelancers but they hold a large team of people that can help you with all of your needs. Not a one-man army but you can consider them as your military

  2. More resources: An agency has more resources and teams that can scale your Shopify-based store, they can help you with email marketing, content marketing, Facebook ads and Google ads all at once, hiring an agency can be more beneficial when you want to scale.

  3. Accountability and Reputation: Established agencies have a reputation to uphold which they have gained from serving multiple clients.

  4. Expertise in more platforms: Agencies can help you with almost all the platforms including paid marketing, content marketing, email marketing and TikTok marketing. They can have expertise in more platforms and they can be a one-step solution so that you can be worry-less.

  5. Flexible Scalability: Q4 is coming? Do you want to scale your business to 1 Million maybe? Agencies can offer you flexible scalability. They can produce ad copies and content much faster than a freelancer since they have a team of experts. Let's say that you want to launch a Christmas Campaign then an agency can get the ads made, launch the email campaign and do content marketing all at once so that your business can be scaled very quickly.

Agencies are best suited for a business that has large capital and wants to scale their already running business by having more resources in place.

Where to find freelancer or agency for Shopify Business?

  1. Ask your friends if you know someone: Yes! Ask your friends, and your networks if they know someone who has done ads for them, because the internet is filled up with self-made gurus the best bet is that you should ask your friends if they have worked with any freelancer or any agency and ask for a recommendation from them.

  2. Check online Marketplaces and hiring platforms: You can check hiring platforms like Upwork and Fiverr (I would personally recommend fiverr) for Shopify or Ads specialists but if you are going to hire from Fiverr make sure you look at their benchmark and hire someone who has a Top Rated or a Top Rated plus tag as they have proven excellence in their service and job delivery to Upwork and check their Job Sucess Score as well which will be displayed on their profile, you can hire agencies and freelancers both from UpWork.

  3. Shopify Experts Marketplace: Shopify has an expert marketplace portal where you can find experts who have been verified by Shopify and can hire them from there.

  4. My Recommendation: If you are starting up or if you want to scale your business then you can consider hiring Dessus Media, it is my brand agency and I have helped countless small and large business owners with their ads and marketing, shared a previous blog where I scaled a small business to $100k in less than a month. You can use this link to schedule a free call it will be a discovery call where we will just chat and plan how to take your business to the next level.

Summary and Final Words:

When should you hire an agency?

You should hire an agency for your Shopify business if you want to scale your business to the next level since the agency has a big team and more resources that can help you with scaling very swiftly.

When should you hire a freelancer?

You should hire a freelancer for your Shopify business if you are just starting up with limited funds, and a freelancer can help you start your business to a level where it's sustainable providing you with more coverage and more communication for your Shopify-based business.

Whom should you hire?

My recommendation is Dessus Media which is my agency that has helped countless small and medium business owners with their Facebook Ads, Google Ads and e-commerce business ads.

Want to scale the business yourself?

I wrote a guide on how Dessus Media scaled Ella's Shopify business to $300k it is a DIY guide that you can use to set up and scale your business yourself.

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