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Is your Shopify store getting a lot of clicks but no sales? Are you tired of spending money on Facebook Ads and Google Ads but you see no sales on Google Ads? Are you trying to troubleshoot what may be the problem, if it is your website or your Facebook Ads that are not getting you the sales?

The answer is that you should get a CRO done. What is a CRO audit? A Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO audit) is a 360-degree audit of your website that assesses your customer journey from start to end.

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For example; You are running a Shopify store that sells Candles, and you have a product that is getting a lot of clicks but no SALES, and people are leaving midway either when they have added to the cart or after entering their information and not completing the sale.

A CRO audit can help you identify the potential causes behind the visitors not buying from your Shopify store and leaving midway, which you can resolve to generate more revenue on your Shopify store.

1. Do I know if I need a CRO audit?

You might consider a CRO audit if you are experiencing a high number of visitors on your Shopify website but they are not buying from you. The normal conversion rate of a website is 2%, you should check if the conversion rate is below 2% then you are in dire need of a CRO audit.

Use this link to get a free CRO audit for your Shopify Store, WooCommerce Store, BigCommerce store or any kind of e-commerce store

2. How long does a CRO audit take?

Some tools do the audit automatically in 5 minutes, but the manual CRO audit process takes around 5-7 days to complete. The manual CRO audit process is comprehensive and more in-depth compared to an automated CRO audit.

3. What tools are used in a CRO audit?

I use Google Analytics, Heatmaps by HotJar and Optimizely to do a CRO audit. I also use some user feedback tools to gather visitor feedback and improve the conversion rate of your Shopify Store

4. How frequently should I conduct a CRO audit?

CRO is an ongoing process, but I recommend you should conduct a CRO audit in every 3 months. It ensures that your Shopify or WooCommerce website remains optimized for conversions as user behavior and market trends change.

5. How much does a CRO audit cost?

A CRO audit generally costs anywhere between 800-1200 USD, but I am doing a free manual CRO audit for your store so that you can rest assured.

6. How many stores have you helped so far?

I have done CROs of 100+ Shopify stores and have increased their conversion rate from 1.8% to 4%. I have also helped my clients with Facebook Ads, Google Ads and Klaviyo.

Use this link to get a free CRO audit for your Shopify Store, WooCommerce Store, BigCommerce store or any kind of e-commerce store