Best Practices of Google Performance Max Campaign

If you are a new Shopify brand owner and are setting up Google Ads (which you should do)

You will be pushed to select Performance Max as the shiny delivery method which will get you a lot of results. But there is a catch!

Performance Max is good, but it will leave you with no control on the product feed.

What do I mean by no control? You can’t control the placements, you can’t control the keywords.

Google will show your ads everywhere, even on Youtube.

For example: I made PMax ad and saw that they are allocating a lot of budget on Youtube ads, they made a weirdly looking slider video with my product pictures and the ad had a CTR of 0.4%

What to do? Switch to Standard Shopping.

I switched to Standard Shopping and then used PMax with audience signals, and used my own videos.

Also setup Brand Keyword exclusion on account level.


  • Performance Max gives you less control
  • Choose Standard Shopping
  • If you use Performax Max then use Audience Signals and Exlude Brand Keywords on Account Levels.