Generate Leads for Real Estate Business using Meta/Google Ads [Case Study]

Generate Leads for Real Estate Business using Meta/Google Ads [Case Study]

Jeff, A Real Estate Coach from Portland, Oregon, used my Facebook/Meta & Google Ads services to generate $15,000 in 10 days.


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Hi! I have been getting A LOT of hits and emails from Reddit specially after I published Ella's Shopify Case Study. The post alone has gotten 30k hits in a month, highest ever - that is the exact reason (and motivation) that leads me to write more on this blog.

This is NOT a beginner friendly case study, some marketing related abbreviations knowledge may be needed.

Meta & Google Ads for Real Estate

Coming up to Jeff, he got to know about me from my Reddit profile where I have been posting a lot recently. Jeff is into Real Estate Training and Coaching and organises webinars in the North American region especially in the Portland, Oregon and the nearby areas. He got in touch to me back in November and we wanted to start after the holidays!

In January, we commenced work on the course that had been developed in the previous year. The plan for 2024 was to market it and scale it.

Here are the things that were ready with him to market his real estate coaching business:

  1. A Youtube Page with 100K+ subscribers

  2. A Facebook Page with 10K likes

  3. An Instagram account

  4. A Facebook Group with 12K members

  5. A Calendly page for Appointments

  6. A Simple Website (with pixel installed which was used for email newsletters)

We had a rough warm audience of 122K to start off with, which was not very great but it was okay to start with, considering the active YouTube channel with a good standing. So, assuming that we planned on having some recurring cold audience that we could use for retargeting.

Marketing Strategy for Real Estate Coaching Business

For this particular coaching business we decided to do omnipresent marketing including Google (Search & Youtube), Facebook Ads (without Advantage+ Campaign) with 1 simple goal of leading high ticket purchases as the course was valued starting at $999 to $1,999 (bundle of 3 courses)

Problem: The problem was to find eligible audience that is

  • Interested in Real Estate

  • Ready to spend $999

Facebook Ads Strategy

The Facebook ad strategy for this coaching business was quite complex, but we encountered two problems as mentioned earlier. To address the first problem of targeting individuals interested in real estate, what we did was that we made a custom audience of whoever has interacted with the Instagram or Facebook account in the last 60 days combined with whoever has visited the website in the last 120 days.

Facebook Pixel Setup

We used a single pixel with Facebook's CAPI and the single Pixel was setup with 4 major events.

  • PageView (on the website)

  • Invitee_select_day (from Calendly)

  • invitee_event_type_page (from Calendly)

  • invitee_select_time (from Calendly)

  • invitee_meeting_scheduled (from Calendly)

  • Purchase (from Teachable)

So Calendly gave us a handful of events to play with, and retarget based on the funnelling.

I have written a detailed guide on how to track Calendly booking on Google Ads using GA-4 events.

Facebook Custom Audience for Real Estate Coaching

We started off with 2 custom audiences with the limited assets that we had.

  1. Page Views 120 Days

  2. Facebook & Instagram Interactions 180 Days

This simple custom audience ensured that the audience we targeted was interested in real estate and familiar with Jeff, so it wasn't entirely cold for the same reason.

Facebook Lookalike Audience for Real Estate Coaching

We also made 2 LookAlike Audiences based on the custom audiences that we had made in the step above.

  • PageViews | USA (0-2%, 3-6%, 7-10%)

  • Facebook Interactions | USA (0-10%)

Result? Combing both of them have us a handful of audience that were interested in the Real Estate Coaching in Portland, Oregon market. Which actually solved one out of two problems for us.

Solved: Interested in Real Estate Coaching in Portland, Oregon โœ…

The next problem we aimed to solve was to qualify individuals who either had $999 to purchase the course or had any other questions regarding it.

Google Ads Strategy

We kept the Google Ads strategy simple for this one, we had just two ads running.

  • A Google search ad with a radius targeting Oregon, leading to the YouTube channel for cold traffic.

  • A Youtube ad targeting the niche keywords, and the youtubers.

It was kept short and on point intentionally to collect the data, and the blog post will be updated as we make changes to it.

Funnelling and Appointment Setting for Real Estate

For funneling and appointment setting, we began with two options:

  • Direct access to the course uploaded on Teachable, where someone could make a purchase.

  • If someone encountered any issues or had questions, they would first undergo a brief meeting session on Calendly.

Setting up Calendly

We set up a basic Calendly appointment page with the same pixel used on the website to ensure everything remained in one place and we could track purchases and meetings. Since we only had these two objections for the real estate Facebook Ads, this streamlined approach helped us effectively manage the process.

By-passing Clickfunnels

The important thing we did in this real estate training coaching business that we did not have a landing page by click-funnels, because of the low integration capability of Clickfunnels with Facebook's CAPI and almost no support from Clickfunnels.

Final Ads

Facebook Ads & Google Copy for Real Estate Coaching

For the ad copy, we simply used a video of Jeff asking people to buy the course, and another ad to schedule the appointment on Calendly if they had any questions, and then whoever had a meeting was retargeted on Facebook and on Google as well.

Results of February 2024

We started the ads on February the 1st for both Facebook & Google only the warm audiences targeting the Portland area and here are some of the ads that Jeff has achieved for his Real Estate Coaching Business. The calendly meeting to close percentage is 34 which is not very bad, but considering the 30 minutes meeting it's better to have it streamlined. To understand these values you may want to see my KPI guide

Key Performance Indicators

Amount Spent$778
Meetings Booked50
Course Purchases17
Total Revenue in February 2024$16,983

Next Step & Plans

Next steps for march are of course, scale it to at least $40,000 a month.

  • Have a lead page which has the FAQs to avoid the Calendly meetings

  • More acquisition of cold audiences as the only way is Youtube right now and lookalikes

  • More media acquisitions so that can test with multiple creatives

Conclusion & Ending Notes

There is my another case studies, I have one of Ella and this one is of Jeff. I have been working on Real Estate for quite a long time now, but this case study was fun writing for. Real Estate has a lot of cash but the advertising guidelines especially in the United States are quite complicated to start off with. I hope you enjoyed reading this case study. I'm available for a consultations!