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How we made $100K in less than a month using Facebook Ads

In and outs! :D

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ยทAug 14, 2022ยท

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Phew! This is um, gonna be quite interesting.

Disclaimer: I'm not a copywriter, so there will be few mistakes in the article (subtle warning) ๐Ÿ˜‰ FaCf2LdVQAAtdw0.jpeg

I will not sound like those fake 'Gurus' and will dive all in the strategy.

About the store: It is a small store, NOT A DROPSHIPPING STORE but a traditional store that we setup previously made the client go online, did setup the Shopify, the ads and everything. Client wasn't sure if we can make it and he was quite happy with making $10-12K a month and then was it.

When we took over the cost per purchase was anywhere between $12-15 It was good, but considering the margin was less he was only surviving and making profits on the edge just because people use to buy 2-3 so the average order value used to shot up, things to notice (1) Low Average Order Value.

We then had a look on the emails, as email now brings a lot of revenue for free, realised that it has a list of 4K emails that was apparently never used, things to notice (2) Unused list of emails.

We then saw other aspects of the business, if it's getting organic clicks or anything sort of that. Turned out that it is actually getting some traction on Google. We then decided to hook them up on Google Merchant Centre for free listings and got them approved in just a day, things to notice (3) Opportunities for free sales using Google

Decided to start the paid advertising, we asked the client what is the budget you'll be spending going forward and got an approval of just $200 a day. Fair enough to start. To be very honest, I'm someone who likes to test and then scale very fast (either it's vertically or horizontally) so $200 a day actually seemed like a challenge to me, but then CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

Fast forward, started working on getting the ads ready and everything setup. Two days down the line Google was up, installed Pixel as well.

In the first week of july we started the ads.

Day 01: 3 Copies each in an ABO (I still don't believe in CBOs) for a total of $50 a day and a CTR of 1.9ish. Got some sales here and there with a ROAS of 3 making $150 to $170 - NOT HAPPY.

Day 02: Launched more cold interests and waited for them to approve, realised that the CTR was picking up but still very poor (around 2.3)

Day 03-04: Thought of working on Google Free Listings and started to work on it thinking that I should give some time to Facebook to settle things down.

Day 06: Now the pixel has some warm data, launched a ton of retargeting audience after a lot of filters, tested them and launched a ton of cold interests.

Day 07: Disabled poor performing ones, and scaled others. Launched more Ads and scaled horizontally

Day 10: Added some magical audiences and the ROAS picked up to 15X alone. Scaled them up to $200 using ABO's and a combination of CBO's also also optimised the free listings on Google so that we can generate some $$$$ from there as well, and it did work.

Day 10: Last but not the least, worked on emails and email automation flows to get custom winback and recurring sales.

This is how we actually managed to cross 100K, I'll not share the exact strategies but you can always book a call by clicking here and I'll be happy to help. Or just email hello at nikhil dot pro

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