5 AI Tools That Every Shopify Store Should Have

5 AI Tools That Every Shopify Store Should Have

Artificial intelligence is everywhere now; it's 2024. You're missing out if your Shopify store isn't utilizing AI tools. I've tried AI on some of my Shopify stores and hand-picked these 5 AI tools that you need for your Shopify store - you cannot miss these.

I have personally tested these 5 apps and they are something that you should have on your Shopify store, these apps will save you a lot of time and hassle!

  • Tidio AI Chatbots for Customer Support

Screenshot of Tidio Ai based chatbot for Shopify Stores

The first tool is Tidio, an AI chatbot for customer support. Tidio features a dedicated chatbot called Lyro, and I have personally been using Tidio since before it had the AI chatbot feature, and Tidio works flawlessly. It has multiple features like Ticket Management, Live Chat, Order Lookup and it works well with Zapier, Zendesk and has a Google Analytics Integration as well.

With a user-friendly interface, good support, and options to manage tickets, raise tickets, track orders, and have a live chat option.

Tidio is a must have Shopify Ai tool that you need for your business. Install Tidio

Overall Rating:4.6/5

Pricing of Tidio: 7 Day Free Trial Available, Free Plan Available with Limited Features.

  • LimeSpot Personalizer for Increasing Order Value

Site-wide personalization with segmented experiences

The second Ai tool that I would recommend is LimeSpot Personalizer. LimeSpot Personalizer is a data driven personalisation platform that can help you increase your average order value, conversion rate and simplifies customer journey by giving data driven market and customer insights for your store.

LimeSpot can also create Shopify customer segments based on customer's history, browsing patterns and location. Install LimeSpot Personalizer

Overall Rating:4.6/5

Pricing of LimeSpot Personalizer: 15 Day Free Trial Available, Free Plan Available with Custom price based on store revenue.

  • Yodel for Ai Product Descriptions

Generate up to 10,000 Product Descriptions in one click

Yodel is an Ai based product descriptions generator, I have used it personally and it is quite good. Although I would only suggest it for the beginners and only if you do not have good descriptions, Yodel is good for starting up but having a copywriter or having the descriptions written from a professional for you Shopify store is still a good idea in the long run. Install Yodel

Overall Rating:5/5

Pricing of Yodel: Free Plan Available with 100 tokens, Pay As You Go option available.

  • CreatorKit for for AI Images and Videos

Dashboard CreatorKit video creator

CreatorKit is my personal favourite Ai app for Shopify, it removes and replaces the backgrounds and creates product mockups for Shopify stores. CreatorKit can also create TikTok videos, Instagram reels and automatically generate hundreds of product images and videos in a single click.

CreatorKit uses Ai to generate background design that matches with the product, for example if the product is a Shoe then CreatorKit will generate a background that will go well with the Shopify Product. Install CreatorKit

Overall Rating:4.3/5

Pricing of Yodel: 3 Day Free Trial Available, Free Plan Available with 200MB storage.

  • OnModel for Ai Models

Sell to new audiences by changing models in photos easily

OnModel is my personal favourite app that I recommend to my every Print on Demand client, OnModel generates AI model mockups for your products, with OnModel you can also swap your current pictures with a new picture - and they are unique. You don't have to worry about the customer reverse searching the image and landing on another website.

OnModel is something that you should have if you are running a Print on Demand store, or an appeal/clothing shop and selling in multiple markets. Install OnModel

Overall Rating:4.3/5

Pricing of OnModel: Free Trial Available with watermarks, Paid Plan starts at $19 a month.

Are Ai Apps Safe for Shopify?

Yes, Ai Apps are completely safe for Shopify but you should only install them from the Shopify App store.

What is Shopify Magic and Sidekick?

Shopify Magic & Sidekick are two different tools made by Shopify to integrate Ai into its platform.

While Shopify Magic can make transform product images and provide data driven insights. Shopify Sidekick is an Ai assistant that is incredibly intelligent and can help small business owners with skilled advice.

Do I need Shopify Ai?

Yes, Ai can save you a lot of time in customer support and product management for your Shopify store. You should install the apps given in the list.

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