Etsy is Automatically Changing Processing Schedule for Store Owners

Etsy is Automatically Changing Processing Schedule for Store Owners

Etsy seems to be taking the store-owners on a roll by changing the Processing times!

In an interesting take, Etsy is automatically changing the Shipping Terms (or Processing Schedule) for the Store-owners and sent an email that says:

Hi there,

It looks like you’ve been regularly shipping orders over the weekend, but your current order processing schedule doesn’t reflect this. Adding Saturday and Sunday to your order processing schedule will let us show buyers more accurate (sometimes faster) delivery times. We’ll automatically make this change for you on March 26. Our data shows that shoppers are more likely to purchase an item if it ships faster—even if just by one day!

Etsy is changing me processing schedule FOR ME?!

Funnily, Etsy seems to be automatically changing the Shipping schedules after March 26 even for anyone that DOES NOT ship during the weekends as a storeowner wrote on Etsy Community Forum.

While you can click the "No! Thank you" button and Etsy will not change the shipping settings for you, there is no guarantee that Etsy will prioritise anyone that ships during the weekend over you! So at the end of the day, you may be in a RAT race!

So basically, they are saying that you have an option to "choose" but they are not promising that your status won't be affected and those shipping on weekends will be prioritised.

This is another reason why I ask Etsy store owners to diversify the eggs and use a self hosted platform like Shopify or WooCommerce so that they can have the control over their data and can have maximum power.

The only struggle is to bring the traffic to the Shopify store, as Etsy drives the traffic for them. I can help in migrating the Etsy store to Shopify and getting the traffic using Paid ads. You can schedule a consultation and I will be happy to help!