Facebook / Meta Ads Performance Issue 2024

Facebook / Meta Ads Performance Issue 2024

Let's see if Facebook Ads are not performing for just you or everyone else

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What is happening? Everyone is trying to bang their head on the wall. Meta (formerly Facebook) seems to be on a rollercoaster right now, especially after late June of 2023.

I was doing a fairly good ROAS until June, all my LAAs were working well, they used to give 10-12X ROAS on normal days, and used to get tons of engagements on my posts.

Why are Facebook Ads not performing in 2024?

There has been no official communication from Meta but everyone is saying that they are unstable after Facebook released its new Ad Delivery platform called Meta Lattice.

What is the issue with Facebook Ads?

The problem is they are insanely expensive, the CPMs that used to be under $10 are now double or even triple. The cost per click that used to be under 0.30 is now $1 with absolutely trash traffic.

Who else is reporting the unstable performance of Facebook Ads?

Multiple advertisers including Sean Frank from Ridge and David Herrmann from Herrmann Digital are reporting the instability issue of Meta Ads.

Widespread on Reddit

There is a subreddit called r/FacebookAds ( on Reddit that has a ton of posts related the instability of Meta Ads.

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Facebook Ads Not Performing in 2024

Facebook Ads Not Performing in 2024

The timeline of Meta Bugs:

May 2023 : Meta Releases Lattice (SMT covers it)

June 2023 : Reported on Reddit (on this Reddit)

July-Aug 2023 : Reported by @SeanEcom, @herrmanndigital & @rokhladnik

Nov-Dec 2023 : Performance Improved due to Q4

Feb-Mar 2024 : Decline Again

April 2024 : Covered by Bloomberg.

25th April 2024: Facebook Ads are now doing normal for all of my clients.

28th April 2024: Story by The Verge

If you look at the stats, you'll notice the same pattern: it started back in June 2023 and was resolved just before Q4. Then the issues started again in February 2024.

It's safe to say that the issues started after Meta Lattice.

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How to Fix Facebook Ads Performance in 2024?

There are multiple ways to fix the Facebook Ads performance in 2024, including from switching to ASC+ to using cost caps some of the possible fix are stated below

  • Use Advantage+ Audience

You should try deploying an Advantage+ Audience to Fix Facebook performance issue. Having Advantage+ Shopping campaign for your ecommerce business can be beneficial for your business.

  • Go Broad-Targeting

Leave all the targeting options on Facebook, going broad targeting can help you in long run, just target with the geographical location and let Facebook do the magic.

  • Check Ad Frequency

Try checking the ad frequency and make sure that your ads are not having a creative fatigue, make sure the ad that you are running is still relevant and Facebook is showing to to the correct audience and the audience is big enough for your ad creative.

  • Test Multiple Ad Copy

Testing multiple ad copy can be a good idea that is working right now for a lot of advertisers, you should try testing multiple ad copies as well that can work for your business. Try multiple headlines, primary text and image/video creatives.

  • Get an Ad Account Audit

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How to Check Facebook Ads Outrages?

You can check Facebook Ads Outages on the Facebook Ads status page by Meta. The outrage history can also be checked by going to the history page.