How to Sell Christmas Wreath on Social Media [Wreath Marketing Guide]

Do you know that the Christmas Decoration Market in America is expected to reach 7.53 billion by 2030? That is according to Polaris Market Research, it is important to know the ins and outs of the Christmas Holiday market and how to Sell Christmas Wreaths on Social Media.

Step 1: Choose a Name for your Wreath Business

You need to have a good name that people can remember, on Social Media and off Social Media. You can have your name as well to give it a personalized touch. For example, if you are Kylie you can name it "Fresh Christmas Wreaths by Kylie", or "Kylie's Affordable Christmas Wreath". You can also include your location name; for example "Lynch Creek Farms" is a reputed business selling Christmas Wreaths.

Step 2: Get A Website & Payment Gateway

You won't like people calling you and then you give them your address for payments and they collect it from you. It's old school. You should get a website for as low as $30/month from Shopify or from Wix, whatever you like and you can make it yourself. It will help you to arrange the orders properly, remember the customer information and you can use payment gateways so that you can collect the payments from them using their credit card via Stripe or PayPal. I wrote a post on how to hit 1 million on Shopify in these 3 months.

Step 3: Setup a Facebook and Instagram Page

You will need to have a page to sell your wreath and post the pictures that you have of the wreath, it is important so you people don't call you and say "Hey! Can you send me a picture of the product?" You can hand them the Facebook Page and Instagram page so they have everything they need.

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Step 4: Start Posting on Local Facebook Groups

Search for local community groups, or Christmas holiday-related groups that you can find on Facebook. Join the groups and start posting your wreaths - always remember that some Facebook Groups may have some rules with regards to when you can post OR advertise your business, they have sponsor sunday or any other specific week of the day where you will be allowed to market your business to them and they may ban you if you market on the other days.

Step 5: Create a Pinterest Account

Use Pinterest to Sell Christmas Wreath

Pinterest can be a good source of traffic for your wreath brand, it can increase the visibility of the Christmas wreaths. A lot of businesses use Pinterest to generate organic sales on their website. You can see pins from multiple brands including Etsy which is a major online retailer. Visitors can click on the image that is displayed on Pinterest and they can be redirected to your product page.

Step 6: Use Facebook or Google Ads to Sell Wreath

Use Facebook or Google Ads to Sell Christmas Wreath

The ads you see above are powered by Google Ads. You can show your products to anyone who searches for Christmas Wreath and it can boost your sales immensely. Most businesses use Google Ads to reach out to potential customers who may be interested in buying Christmas Wreaths.

Similarly, Facebook can also help in selling Christmas Wreaths on Facebook as well as on Instagram. You can showcase your products by reaching out to potential customers (and Facebook will do that for you).

Conclusion: To establish a successful Christmas Breath Brand and Sell Christmas Wreaths on Social Media you need to have a website, social media handles and a good ad copy if you are running ads.

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