I wrote a Marketing Checklist Book for Shopify Brands

I wrote a Marketing Checklist Book for Shopify Brands

Covers Facebook Ads, Google Ads and Ai Apps for Shopify.

I have been thinking of writing a book for small business owners (Shopify Brands) for a very long time, compiling all the knowledge that I have gained from the last 5-6 years.

And I sat down this Saturday and compiled a 45-page book that will help Shopify brands in starting off their business.

P.S: To Anyone wondering, Divyansh Sharma is my legal name.

The book is called 'The Ultimate Shopify Store Marketing Checklist' and will be available in Paperback, eBook and Audiobook on all major retailers like Google Books, Amazon, Kobo for $9.99.

The Ultimate Shopify Store Marketing Checklist contains the following chapters:

  • Facebook/Meta Checklist (including ads)

  • Google Checklist (including ads)

  • Facebook/Meta Business Manager setup

  • Google Merchant Center

  • Email Marketing

  • Shopify Review Collection

  • TikTok Checklist

  • Website Analytics, Support and HeatMap

In bonus, you will get 12 ECommerce KPIs to Start and Grow your Shopify Business.

Who should purchase the 'The Ultimate Shopify Store Marketing Checklist'?*:* You should purchase book if you are

  • Just starting up a D2C eCommerce Shopify Store

  • A beginner can't figure out what you should do going forward

  • An e-commerce / D2C enthusiast

  • You like me, or my work and want to support me

The The Ultimate Shopify Store Marketing Checklist is available to purchase on Amazon, Rakuten Kobo, Google Books and all other major retailers.