My Learnings After an Year of Freelancer

It can be a little tricky

Freelancing can be tricky, especially when you are new. You have no reputation and no word-of-mouth referrals. Nothing! And there you see a lot of jobs, but with a catch!

The catch is that most jobs require you to have a minimum amount earned (let's say you must have earned 100$) to ensure that you are not new.

However, for a new freelancer, it can be a bit of a task, because you see yourself in an endless loop. You can't get jobs because they have minimum earning requirements, and you can't bypass the requirement because you can't a job.

Okay, now let's discuss everything in-depth.

Why will someone hire you if you're new? This is something to think about, but the solution is that when you write your cover letter (considering you have a good profile) you can say something like

"Hey, XYZ! I'm Nikhil. I may not have the flowery badges because I am new on this platform but I have the dedication and the skills to work with you"

Be friendly, be cool.

Don't bid too low

People usually big too low, assuming that they will get the job. NO! Sadly, it doesn't work that way. If you have a poor profile or a poor cover letter you will not get the job. Because they don't want to waste their time. They would rather hire someone who charges well because and the end of the day it's the job that needs to be done. So bid accordingly.

Do you write long Cover Letters?

I have seen people writing cover letters of 1,000 words, but nobody has the time to read them. Use the KISS formula (keep it simple, silly). Divide the cover letter into parts. First is the introduction - a line is sufficient. Second is your experience regarding the job The third is the questions that you may have (it may also act as a conversation starter) The fourth will be a generic call to action, something like "When are you up for a call?"

TIP: When you see a job, scroll down and under the recent jobs you may be able to find out the name of the job poster, rather than starting your cover letter with just "Hi Client" you can use that name to make it more personalized and type it like "Hey XYZ" - When the job poster will see their name they will be more likely to open your cover letter, hence more chances of getting hired.

Import Testimonials from Clients

If you have previous clients, you can ask them to leave you a review or a testimonial that you can use. They must have a LinkedIn account though.

These are some of the ways that can help you get jobs I hope you succeed. Good luck!