Hi. I'm Divyansh Sharma (Nikhil Sharma), I'm from Bhopal, India, an author of The Ultimate Shopify Store Marketing Checklist

I have more than five years of experience in D2C and B2B brand building, and this blog is for sharing all the knowledge that I have gathered in the last five years. I have written multiple guides on store building using paid ads including Ella's Shopify Case Study and Running Paid Ads For Bakery.

I have also authored a book called The Ultimate Shopify Store Marketing Checklist that helps small DTC business owners in starting up and scaling their business from $0 to $50,000.

I have helped countless businesses in the D2C and B2C space in scaling their business using paid ads, and paid strategy building including taking small businesses from 0 to 50K, and scaling brands from 2X to 6-7X, some of them can be seen on the blogs, others are hidden due to NDAs. Since I built some brands I can also help you with product sourcing, warehousing 3PL and white-labelling, also wrote a product sourcing guide that has all the best practices on product sourcing from China.

If you are a small business-owner, I can help you from the sourcing (bottom) to marketing and to scaling all the way up (top). That includes Facebook Ads, Google Ads, TikTok ads. Klaviyo Emails and market research.

If I can't help with anything, I probably know someone who can help you with it. So Nik got you covered.

I do not intend to sell my services on this blog as it is purely for informative purposes. But you can Schedule A Consultation if you think I can be any help for your business or (you can just say Hi)

You can email me at nikkhil160@gmail.com. 😁