Short Facebook / Meta Ads Strategy for Shopify Brands - May 2024

Short Facebook / Meta Ads Strategy for Shopify Brands - May 2024

Facebook has been down for everyone, not just us but it is doing some more changes under that can be beneficial for those that are affected.

So let’s get right into it!

  • Facebook is rolling out Multi-advertiser ads for Lead Forms as well.

  • Meta has rolled out opportunity store tab for all ads account owners.


  • Engaged customers on ASC+ has been renamed to engaged audiences. Go to ad account manager and add your audiences.

Alright so how we scaled an e-commerce brand to $60,000 in the ads downtime period.


  • 1 ASC+ campaign (1 Dynamic Product Ad, 1 Video Ad, Multiple Images) / $15/day

  • Broad Interests / $15/day

  • Targeted Interests / $15/day

Run ABO of these and do not run anything, no cost caps nothing like that.

Let them run for 5 days and go to the DPA ad and sort the number of clicks for each product and launch more image and video ads on ASC+ and Broad and Target for the same product

Do not scale now.

Advantage+ Shopping Ads Strategy for Shopify Brands

ASC+ needs customer data to work, so make a custom audience and feed that data to ASC+ OR if you have the customer list then just feed the customer list to ASC, chances are that you will retarget your customer but we will get into that later on.

If you are only using Meta Ads

Sign up for Google ads, why? Because Meta’s AI needs training to work so try to feed as much as cold traffic as you can to it.

Google has a free listing program that you can use to show your products for free!