Best Shopify Experts to Increase your Sales

Starting an online business on Shopify can be very exciting but it can also be tiresome at some point in time, as you scale you will need someone to take care of the things that are needed i.e. emails, marketing or virtual assistance. A Shopify Expert can transform your ideas give them shape and take your business to the moon. Just like how Dessus Media transformed Ella's dreams and scaler her store to $300K and to transform your dreams to reality, here is the list of Shopify Experts near you.

1. Nikhil Sharma: Nikhil Sharma is a Shopify Expert having 5 years of experience in Shopify, Facebook Ads, Google Ads and Email Marketing. He can do all the heavy lifting of your store so you can rest assured and focus on brand building. Contact Nikhil Sharma

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Nikhil Sharma has done over 100K ad spend on Facebook and Google and has scaled Shopify stores up-to 1M in sales.

2. Justine M: Justine is a freelancer on Upwork who has 5 years of experience in Shopify Store building, custom themes and custom plugin development. She has the best rating on the platform. Contact Justine M

3. Utsav S: Utsav S. hails from Madhya Pradesh, India and has over 2 years of experience in Shopify Store building and support, he has done over 100+ stores on Shopify and has countless client reviews. I recommend Utsav if you are looking for a Best Shopify Expert Near You. Contact Utsav S

Want to scale your Shopify Store yourself? Dessus Media has written a case study guide on how to scale a Shopify Store to $300,000 link and I have written a similar guide on Things To Know Before Starting a Shopify Store link

How much does a Shopify Expert Charge?

A Shopify expert charges anywhere between $500 to $500 depending on the scope of work, and depending on his expertise on doing things.

How much does a Facebook Ads Freelancer Charge?

A Facebook Ads Freelancer charges anywhere between $1500 to $3000 USD, Ads Freelancer is in-charge of managing your Facebook Ads account to get you best Return on Ads Spend (ROAS)

Should I hire a Freelancer or an Agency?

If you are just starting your business then a freelancer should suffice, otherwise you should get an agency. I covered the pros and cons in this post

What is a retainer in Facebook Ads?

A marketing retailer is an agreement between a company and a Facebook Ads agency that includes monthly, quarterly or yearly budget in exchange for a variety of services.

How do I find the best Google Ads Expert for my store?

You can find the best Google Ads Expert on platforms like Upwork or other freelancing platforms. You can also book a free consulting session with Nikhil Sharma to supercharge your Shopify Store with Google Ads